About H.O.P.E Program



H.O.P.E. (Home Outreach Program & E-health) was established in June 2008 by Dr. Steven J. Berman as a pilot program (randomized controlled trial) designed to improve the health outcomes (i.e., decrease healthcare costs, improve quality of life) of high-risk dialysis patients through the implementation of home telehealth with nurse oversight (see attached publication). The Department of Defense U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center funded the original H.O.P.E. study for three years. The Queen’s Medical Center (QMC) and the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) granted additional funding for Year 3 of this study. In July of 2012, the H.O.P.E. Program officially became a department of the St. Francis Healthcare Foundation.


In July of 2012, we were very fortunate to become one of four recipients in the State of Hawaii to receive a CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid) Health Care Innovation Award . Our program titled, “Preventing hospitalizations in very high-risk patients,” supports three main goals: 1) to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare spending, 2) to generate new jobs in healthcare in the State of Hawaii, and 3) to ensure the sustainability of such a program. Our plans to accomplish these goals rest on the success and tenets of our earlier pilot study: that home telehealth monitoring nurse oversight can reduce hospitalizations in select high-risk patient populations.



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